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The Global Imperative


About this book

Today’s discoveries in Big Science, innovations in technology, along with the globalization of society and empowerment of the individual are bringing about ever-increasing benefits for humanity. Neverthless, worldwide justice, peace, equality and understanding still elude us. For a more humane society, there is an overarching global imperative that we reconsider and reevaluate the claims of religion, the messages of science and our vision for society. With this new thinking can come a most positive and promising time in world history, a new Axial Age which could offer humankind the opportunity to bring about a truly better world and a more humane society. This goodness will happen only if we open our minds to new ways of thinking and believing. The Global Imperative offers reasons to change, guidance for our changing, and rationale for our success.


Andrew J. Young

Global civil rights icon, u.s. ambassador to the united nations

“Packed with a wealth of supporting information and original thought, this book offers a truly compelling path to a new age of justice, equality and peace."

Tom Johnson

former chief executive officer of cnn worldwide and los angeles times

In this very provocative book, author Kelley urges all society to embrace new thinking based on fact-based scientific revelations about human existence. Rarely have my own beliefs been so profoundly affected as they have in reading The Global Imperative.”

John S. Spong

Episcopal Bishop of Newark (ReT.), International leader, prolific author and lecturer on Progressive Theology

“Blaine Kelley has written a compelling volume challenging the factual faith of the Christian story with power and sensitivity. The Church will ignore the message of this book at its peril.”

Wyche Fowler

Former U.S. Senator, Ambassador to Saudi ARabia, and Adjunct Professor at Oxford and Rice Universities

“This book demonstrates how a rethinking of supernatural religious beliefs and a recognition of Big Science moral truths can lead to breakthrough new possibilities for a better future.”

Jeffrey Small, Jr.

Harvard, Yale and Oxford scholar, entrepreneur, author of best-selling Breath of God

“Kelley’s original-thinking pronouncement that global society is now entering a science-led, global-spanning, positive New Axial Age is profound good news for these unsettling times. Must reading.”

Copyright © 2019 by Blaine Kelley and Axial Publishers Atlanta

Copyright © 2019 by Blaine Kelley and Axial Publishers Atlanta

Before we can ever know a world of fairness and happiness,
we must first accept a time of discovery and change.

To be open and accepting of the changes required, and acting
to bring this about, is the Global Imperative of our time.
— Blaine Kelley